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Top 10 Free Photo Editor for Product Photography

A sonnet is not done until the heroic couplet hits it. In photography, the ending is post-production work that involves editing. Only after editing photos, you complete your job. The tasks comprise background removal service, clipping path services, etc. 

However, editing images become a tiring job if you have no efficient and convenient editing software. No matter how professional you are, you need good editing software to get your job done. 

And if the editing software comes at zero cost, it feels like rain without clouds. Yes, in today’s article I am going to talk about the top 10 free image editors. Especially for product photography, this software is immensely popular. 

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  1. Adobe Photoshop Express

It’s been a long time since we were looking for a free version of Photoshop. Not a full-fledged PC version but Adobe Photoshop Express is a perfect mobile photo editor software. Finally, people’s demand came true. The industry’s one of the leading software becomes available for free. 

Yes, if you are a professional photographer or a graphic designer this version can be disappointing for you. 

However, if you are a beginner in this sector, you will get everything you need into this little software. For the beginners, this is a full-featured software to do a quick edit. You can get access to all the basic editing actions such as perspective, contrast, saturation, color correction service, exposure. This version has an option called decorate that lets the user add text. Thus, the software helps to create a fully customizable montage. 


GIMP comes with some of the best features for the advanced level users. The users consider this software as the best free photo editing software. Having a range of effective tools this software becomes a professional-quality photo editor. 

GIMP has some amazing tools that can benefit the beginners a lot. The montage tool, cropping, enhancement tools, selection tools, can definitely be handy. Moreover, the content-aware resizing, animated gifs, face swap, layer masks, curves are perfect tools for editing product photos. 

Even the advanced users consider GIMP as the best alternative to Photoshop pro because of having most of the flagship features of Photoshop.

Moreover, you can add a lot more plugins for free. You can install the software on any desktop device with any operating system. The convenience, freedom, and numerous features make GIMP awesome software for product photo editing. 

  1. Paint.NET

Though available on limited devices it is quite popular among the beginners. The software was first created by the students of Washington State University. They created it as an alternative for Microsoft Paint. However, the original software has developed as a convenient photo editing software. 

The straightforward interface of this software supports hotkey actions. All the functions are easy to execute so the new users find it extremely convenient to use as a product photo editing software. 

Though, the target of the developer of this software was the novice users they accumulated some professional-level features that uphold its capacity to become a preferable software. 

  1. Pixlr Editor

Many professional image editor works online. So, they prefer something that will be equally effective while working online. When the need for image retouching service online comes, most designers prefer Pixlr Editor. 

Most image designers believe that Pixlr Editor is the best online photo editor. The proficient capabilities of this software make it one of the most powerful online image editing tools. The amateur photographer who needs to edit the existing images for different purposes finds this software or online tool most handy. 

You will find some similarities between this online tool and Adobe editor. For this reason, many people consider this tool as an alternative to photoshop on online platforms. While some others take this as an online version of photoshop. 

Similarities come in the layer, masking, exposure, automatic image enhancement tools, customizable brushes, etc. 

  1. Pixlr X

As you are looking for a top 10 free photo editor for product photography, it is normal that you will find some alternative to the paid software. Earlier we talked about Pixlr Editor which is an online version of photoshop. On the other hand, Pixlr X is the HTML alternative to Photoshop Express. 

Pixlr X has already gained decent popularity among the people who edit product photography. Because of being a convenient software for editing product photos, Pixlr X has become one of the well-established free image editing software.

You can easily correct color, saturation, and get rid of unnecessary objects. The touch-up tool of this software helps you remove unwanted things distracting the focus from the subject of the image. You will find some other niche tools. Such as, fill light, red-eye removal. 

  1. PhotoScape X

The promising newcomers in the editing industry sometimes look for some ambitious features that will satisfy them. For those ambitious beginners, PhotoScape brings an ultimate collection of features that will blow your mind. Sometimes it seems impossible to complete the list of features that PhotoScape has. 

Not only for product or e-commerce photo editing but also for general editing tasks this software is one of the most preferable for the designers. The experts describe this software as all in one software. 

As a graphic designer whatever tool you ask chances are you will get it in this software. Some of the best features that most people love as listed below. 

  • Filter
  • Frames
  • Brushes
  • Shape crops
  • Smart cut out
  • Color picker
  • Clone stamps
  1. Fotor

If you are looking for a straightforward photo improvement software then Fotor can be a great option for you. Fotor comes with all kinds of features ranging from basic to the pro level. The software may not be a perfect one for image masking service but ensures you a good quality product photo editing,

The main requirements of product photo editing are color correction, background removal, and enhancement. Well, Fotor brings all of these services to the table. Moreover, you will get different effects, stickers, frames, and text options, etc, that will help your photos to have a better look. 

Another important feature of Fotor is the option for the montage and designing section. From these sections, you can choose from the diversified templates to create something new. 

  1. Photos Pos Pro

Are you looking for something that will help you improve your photo editing skill immediately? Then Photos Pos Pro is for you. Specially made for beginners, the software comes up with some ambitious goals in mind. The software has two different interfaces to choose from. 

The tools that Photos Pos Pro offers include layers, masks, actions, RAW, and gradients, etc. You can edit photos in a batch that will save editing time. 

And in the novice section, this software offers automatic edits that can give you good results faster. The users have the liberty to choose from the filters and creative effects available.

  1. InPixio

InPixio is another free photo editing software that is dedicated to faster and creative photo editing. You can share those photos online from the software itself. 

The interesting fact about this software is it comes up with programs focused on particular photo editing tools. 

The programs are listed below:  

  • Photo Editor – for fundamental image correction
  • Photo Maximizer – to zoom in and create high-resolution photos
  • Photo Focus – to create clean and clear images
  • Photo Eraser – to remove undesirable objects
  • Photo Cutter – to change or remove the background
  •  Photo Clip – to create photomontages.

All of these efforts are made to give the user an amazing experience while using this software. The software focuses on new users who have little skills in photo editing so that they do not find it difficult to edit product photos. 

Another aim of the software developer is to allow the users to share their edited photos on social media immediately.

  1. BeFun

Among the online photo editing tools very few focus on creative enhancement. Because free online tools aim at fulfilling the basic image editing options. However, BeFun is different in this world of cliche. This online tool directly focuses on creativity. 

Basically, the name is BeFunky. The software offers photo editing software that is extremely easy to use. Even an unprofessional user with a little experience of using computers or smartphones can edit product photos using this software. 

The interface of this software is uncluttered and user-friendly. Anyone can find the necessary tool from this software to edit. The developer focuses on the best user experience. For this reason, anyone can use BeFunky. 

Final Thoughts

Editing product photos is the biggest demand in the e-commerce sector. Without removing background nowadays it is foolish to upload a product photo on e-commerce sites. To get the best impression you have to edit the product photos. However, editing becomes tough because of the price of professional photo editing software. That is why it becomes important to find some free software that will allow you to edit your product photos without any cost.  

Among the thousands of free software that are available online, I have discussed the 10 best photo editor  that will help you edit your product photos. No matter how complex your product photo is, you can easily edit that using the free software I have mentioned above.

outsourcing image editing

Why Outsourcing Image Editing Is the Best Option for Photographers

The workload of every business house is increasing day by day. Handling multiple tasks by one single hand is a myth now. You might be able to handle multiple works alone but it will affect your overall productivity, efficiency, and business growth. 

For this reason, most companies, busy photographers, organizations get some of their works done by others. Getting an image editing job done by others is one of those. One of the most common image editings is background removing service. Besides this, there are many other image editings that you should outsource to the experts in this field. 

It is highly recommended for the Photographers, Travel vloggers, photography bloggers to opt for outsourcing image editing. Getting your image edited by an expert can give you many benefits. In this article, I will discuss why you should outsource your image editing services. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Reasons Why You Should Outsource Image Editing Tasks

Peter Drucker rightly said, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” I would suggest you ponder upon this quote. When you outsource image editing, if you are a photographer, you can focus on your photography. Or if you are a business person, then you can do other important stuff. Here are some reasons why you should outsource your image editing tasks to the experts. 

You Can Never Do Everything

No matter what business you are in, you can never perform every task by yourself. On top of that, photo editing is one of the most time-killing works. If you start working on this, you might get things done, but it will hamper your business. 

As a photographer, you will get less time to spend on developing your photography skill if you start editing your pictures on photoshop. You had better work on developing your photography skills. Learn more about how to shoot a near-perfect photo. 

If you distribute your tasks, then you can do your own job easily. Steve Jobs once said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” He means that you alone can never perform every task. 

You can use your spare time reading photography blogs from the experts. That will help you get better at photography at the end. 

Specialists Are Experts

You know how hard it is to become an expert in a field. After the hard work and dedication of years, one becomes a specialist at his job. You are a photographer. Just think about how much time you have spent on developing the skills. Just like you, people who are in the editing business have become specialists in image editing. Services like the Clipping Path is just a piece of cake for them. Whereas you might waste hours on those work if you do. 

Because of having years of experience, they are specialists in using editing tools. They even find editing like photo manipulation service easy. Because they do it regularly. Their works are perfect and have premium quality. So, you should either hire an image editor or outsource your image editing tasks from others.

You Have Other Things to Do

In a photography event, you cannot always predict what’s coming next. You have to be prepared for any situation. That is why a photographer has to give time on getting ready with all the accessories, lightings, camera gears, etc. Besides that, you have to talk to your clients. Make them understand how to be easy in front of the camera, and so on. 

However, photo editing is a post-production job that you have to do to deliver your clients with unforgettable pictures. But during the photoshoot, you have some image editing part that you have to perform. So, if you take the post-production part on your shoulder it will be overwhelming for you to handle.

Faster Turnaround Time

If you outsource your image editing, you will surely get those back on time. They have to survive the competition. So, they try to deliver your project on time. Moreover, Your clients will become delighted if you return their final photos within a short time. This will as a result improve your reputation in the market. You will get more projects. Saving time for your clients and you are what your clients see easily. 

Quality Service

Outsourcing image editing will help you provide quality service to your customers. Getting your editing done by experts will improve image editing quality. On the other hand, you also can improve your photography.

Negative Sides of Editing Yourself

If you are doing your editing job by yourself, you will have less time to focus on your business. Besides this, you will have many other bad effects on you and your businesses. Here are some negative sides of doing your image retouching service by yourself. 

No Vacations

It is highly important to spend some time only for yourself. What I mean is, you need vacations. As a photographer, it is really hard for you to find spare time to spend on your own refreshment. In this situation, you should not take the burden of image editing. You are already busy with photographic perfection. So, you cannot keep thinking about image masking, or Clipping path service. For this reason, I think it is better to outsource your image editing. 

Brand Creating

When your business will grow you have to work on creating branding for your business. Otherwise, it will remain as it is. Brand creating takes a huge time. You have to provide optimum service to the clients. When the number of your clients will exceed, then your business will get a buzzword on image editing. Your business name will be known for being a specialist in a specific genre of photography. Be it wedding photography, lifestyle photography, or any other types of photography. Till then let the experts of Clipping Path Service do the job for you.

Spending Quality Time with Family

One of the crises of this modern era is people do not spend enough time with family. As we are getting busy, we are getting less time to spend with our family. It is a harsh reality for photographers as well. Sometimes, they have to work overnight. They have to go outside the city for projects. They do not spend enough time with their family. As a result, it affects the relationship which in turn affects the performance. Having a good relationship with the family will give you mental peace. You can grow your business with a relaxed mind. If you give time on editing, how can you get time to spend with your family after doing photography and editing? 


Without proper networking, no one cannot grow your business. You need to build and broaden your network day by day. To spread your network you have to connect with thousands of people. Only after that, your network will start growing. If you continue doing your post-production works by yourself, you will not be able to build a strong network. So instead of thinking about Color correction service try to create a correct network that works for you. 

Below the Mark Service

Doing your editing part by yourself may give you satisfaction. However, the thing which you need most will not be met. As you are doing photography in the first place, this will affect both of your works. The editing tasks will be below the mark. If your post-production work is not professional you will gradually lose customers. Editing images is not a piece of cake. Editing like vector restoration service needs experience and extreme skill to get a good result. An amateur editor like you will mess it up.  

As you have known what negative effects you might face from editing images by yourself, now let’s have a glimpse on the other side. I have already talked about the benefits of outsourcing image editing. Now let’s see what you can do with the spare time you will get if you outsource image editing. 


If you have a passion for writing you can start writing about photography. Use your writing skills to describe photography from different contexts. You can talk about photography in general. Or you can provide tips for newcomer photographers. It will be a great help for them and you also can have some potential clients. 

Flourish Your Hobbies

Outsourcing image editing will allow you to flourish your other hobbies. Maybe your hobbies are watching movies, gardening, traveling, writing, etc. In that case, you can now follow your hobbies. 

Improving Client Communication

As you have some spare time, you can invest that in improving client communication. You can ask for their feedback, ask for suggestions about where you can improve, etc. If you do so, your clients will feel important. They will be more loyal to you. 

Earning More

Besides photography, you can do some other stuff as well to increase your earnings. The spare time you have can be used for different purposes. You can start coaching the new passionate photo lovers to become professional photographers. 

FAQs on Why You Should Outsource Your Photos

Question 1: What are the benefits of editing photos by outsourcing?

Answer: You can have multiple benefits out of it. 

  • Quality service
  • On-time delivery
  • Professional work
  • More clients
  • Brand image

Question 2: Why I should not edit images?

Answer: The reasons why you should not edit your images are:

  • Bad service.
  • No time for yourself
  • Affects photography
  • Time-consuming task

Final Thoughts on Outsourcing Image Editing

A professional photographer’s main focus should always be his photography. He should keep trying to develop his photography skills as much as he can. To do this properly he should stay away from editing images. Because it will as a result have a bad effect on photography skills, business growth, client communication. So, instead of thinking of editing your images, you should get them edited by the experts by outsourcing them. Hope you got my point.