baby photography tips
baby photography tips

10 Tips for baby photography


Mastering baby photography is really a herculean task. Because you cannot tell babies to stay fixed so that you can take photographs. They will do things as they want. You will not get any cooperation from them. However, you can apply some tricks that will help you take tremendous baby photos. 

As a beginner, these tricks may seem difficult to you, but you can master those if you practice regularly. Apart from photography tips, you can apply some baby photo editing tricks as well. That also helps to improve the overall look of the photos. 

In this article, you will know how you can apply these exceptional tricks to take exceptional baby photos. Without further ado, let’s get down the business.

Dress Them Up

Babies are like blooming flowers. However, they do not become like this without dress. You have to buy fancy dresses for them. If you have enough fancy, colorful dresses for your babies dress them up then allow your photographer to take photos. 

You can buy floral, checks, and fall collections from different brands. Try to select colorful dresses for them. Otherwise, they will look dull in photos. Babies should never look dull. 

Find the Right Angle

Babies continuously move. They do not stop until they sleep. So, it becomes really hard to find the right angle to shoot photos of them. This is one of the basic challenges that we photographers face initially. One thing you have to remember while shooting baby photos, you cannot give up. Stay patient and wait for the right angle. Convince babies with something so that they become busy with that and you get an opportunity to take photos. 

You can go up-close. That angle shows the baby from closer and their movement does not come into the frame. Another way to find a good angle is called a nursed shot. In nursed shots, their movement does not seem disturbing. 

Well, finding the right angle is not everything if you are shooting a newborn baby. Because newborn babies come with a different look. Their redhead, scratches, marks, scars make them different from us. In that case, these photos need photo retouching service especially body retouching after shooting. Do not forget to do that before you deliver them.

Shoot During Happy Time

One of the purposes of shooting baby photos is to take the happy moments of our babies. However, sometimes it becomes tough to shoot when they are happy. You cannot predict when they will smile and mostly you find them giving an indifferent look. 

The daily routine of a baby is simple. Sleeping, eating, pooing, crying is what they do all the time. Nevertheless, you have to find some happy moments in between them. Keep a closer look and wait for the time they play with something and smile at you. 

If this takes too much time, then you can make them smile. The enjoyable part of baby photography is it is not difficult to make them smile. If you smile at them they will smile back. Get ready to shoot at that time. Or if you want to take the baby photo with its mother, then she can make them smile and play with her baby. It will be far better. 

Keep the Camera Close

If you observe a baby you will find a pattern in their behavior. That makes the mother read them easily. As a photographer, you also have to read their behavior. Find that pattern and you can easily what they will do next. So, you have to keep the camera close so that you can capture some funny, cute, disgusting, and worth capturing moments. While doing this, you may capture something unwanted in the frame. Do not delete that photo. You can take a background removal service is the whole background is creating a mess. Using the By clipping path service you can easily resolve the issue.  Or you can resolve it by object removal service if any object is distracting the attention. 

Keep Taking Photos

One of the best techniques for shooting baby photos is to keep taking photos. If you do so, you will definitely find some of the best photos. Yes, that’s true that you will take some of the worst photos as well. But keep those photos if you want to create a funny and enjoyable memory for the future. 

Shoot in Perfect Lighting

Lighting and photography are inseparable from each other. No matter what you are shooting, you have to use the light with care. Be it natural light or artificial light. And when it comes to shooting baby photos, you will see that lighting is playing a drastic role there. Because babies have smooth skin that may reflect the light. Similarly, parents use different types of skincare products, which can also cause light reflection. 

So, be technical while shooting a baby photo in daylight. Lighting can be disturbing for baby eyes as well. So, keep their eyes away from harsh light. Do not shoot in extreme light. One important thing, never flash on the faces of the baby. If you do so, their eyes will be shut. And the photos will not be up to the mark.

Keep Things Colorful

Always remember that babies are just like flowers. They are a special gift from god. So, you have to treat them well while taking photos. To get the best photos of a child there should be a colorful look.

We all know, babies add beauty to the world. So, their photos should be colorful. If you don’t get enough color for them or their dresses you can easily do that by editing. Color correction service will do the job for you. By this, you can change the color of their dress or the surrounding area. 

Try Black & White

You are maybe thinking I have just told you to keep things colorful and now I am telling you to try black and white. Yes, you can take some vintage-looking photos if you go black and white. You can convert some of the pictures to black and white. 

Turning your baby photos into black and white has two benefits. One is that it creates a vintage look. The second and important one is you can deal with grubbiness, scratches, marks, and blotchiness easily. As babies are very soft, it will match the environment and baby with their natural softness. To get the true look of a baby, you should go black and white.

Use Props

In family photos, babies themselves work like props. It’s funny though in lifestyle family photos babies look like props for mothers and fathers. However, when you are shooting baby photos they are the subject. What to use as props for their photos? 

Well, you can use different things as props to improve the look. You will get small umbrellas in the market. Buy a small umbrella and keep beside the baby and see how it improves the look. There are many more baby photography props that you can use. However, keep one thing in mind. The props should be cute and baby-friendly.

Keep the Baby in Comfort

You are a photographer who has come to take baby photos. Never use babies for your benefit. They are soft and very sensitive to anything. So, you should always think about their comfort. When you do not get the pose you want, wait. Never change the position of the baby if they are having fun or feeling comfortable.

Baby’s comfort should be your ultimate priority. I have seen photographers who are taking babies on their lap and lying it on the bed at their own wish. Initially, they get some superb photos. Soon babies start crying and do not cooperate anymore.

Sometimes, they do not want to see the face of the photographers if they mistreat them. Every time they go closer, the babies start crying. That creates a mess. So, keep the babies on ultimate comfort. Within this, you have to manage taking photos. 

Use a Backdrop

To keep the background clean, you can use backdrops. When you are taking photos of the babies who can sit or walk a little, then you should opt for using backdrops behind the subject. A backdrop will not only help the background look good but also helps you control the lighting.

Lighting can reflect badly on the baby’s body. Sometimes, we need to use light in our favor. To do this a backdrop will be handy for you.

Final Idea on Baby Photography

The final and ultimate thing is that you have to practice a lot. Without practice, it is really hard to master baby photography. Keep one thing in mind, you will never get the support you normally get from an adult. Babies will stay as they want. You have to shoot photos according to that their wish. So arrange everything you need according to that. Otherwise, you will mess up for sure. If you have some below the mark photographs, then there is always the assistance of photoshop. You can edit your images to make them look better. 

Top 10 Free Photo Editor for Product Photography

A sonnet is not done until the heroic couplet hits it. In photography, the ending is post-production work that involves editing. Only after editing photos, you complete your job. The tasks comprise background removal service, clipping path services, etc. 

However, editing images become a tiring job if you have no efficient and convenient editing software. No matter how professional you are, you need good editing software to get your job done. 

And if the editing software comes at zero cost, it feels like rain without clouds. Yes, in today’s article I am going to talk about the top 10 free image editors. Especially for product photography, this software is immensely popular. 

free photo editor

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

It’s been a long time since we were looking for a free version of Photoshop. Not a full-fledged PC version but Adobe Photoshop Express is a perfect mobile photo editor software. Finally, people’s demands came true. The industry’s one of the leading software becomes available for free. 

Yes, if you are a professional photographer or a graphic designer this version can be disappointing for you. 

However, if you are a beginner in this sector, you will get everything you need into this little software. For beginners, this is a full-featured software to do a quick edit. You can get access to all the basic editing actions such as perspective, contrast, saturation, color correction service, exposure. This version has an option called decorate that lets the user add text. Thus, the software helps to create a fully customizable montage. 


GIMP comes with some of the best features for advanced level users. The users consider this software as the best free photo editing software. Having a range of effective tools this software becomes a professional-quality photo editor. 

GIMP has some amazing tools that can benefit beginners a lot. The montage tool, cropping, enhancement tools, selection tools, can definitely be handy. Moreover, content-aware resizing, animated gifs, face swap, layer masks, curves are perfect tools for editing product photos. 

Even the advanced users consider GIMP as the best alternative to Photoshop pro because of having most of the flagship features of Photoshop.

Moreover, you can add a lot more plugins for free. You can install the software on any desktop device with any operating system. The convenience, freedom, and numerous features make GIMP awesome software for product photo editing. 

3. Paint.NET

Though available on limited devices it is quite popular among beginners. The software was first created by the students of Washington State University. They created it as an alternative for Microsoft Paint. However, the original software has developed as a convenient photo editing software. 

The straightforward interface of this software supports hotkey actions. All the functions are easy to execute so the new users find it extremely convenient to use as a product photo editing software. 

Though, the target of the developer of this software was the novice users they accumulated some professional-level features that uphold its capacity to become a preferable software. 

4. Pixlr Editor

Many professional image editor works online. So, they prefer something that will be equally effective while working online. When the need for image retouching service online comes, most designers prefer Pixlr Editor. 

Most image designers believe that Pixlr Editor is the best online photo editor. The proficient capabilities of this software make it one of the most powerful online image editing tools. The amateur photographer who needs to edit the existing images for different purposes finds this software or online tool most handy. 

You will find some similarities between this online tool and Adobe editor. For this reason, many people consider this tool as an alternative to photoshop on online platforms. While some others take this as an online version of photoshop. 

Similarities come in the layer, masking, exposure, automatic image enhancement tools, customizable brushes, etc. 

5. Pixlr X

As you are looking for a top 10 free photo editor for product photography, it is normal that you will find some alternative to the paid software. Earlier we talked about Pixlr Editor which is an online version of photoshop. On the other hand, Pixlr X is the HTML alternative to Photoshop Express. 

Pixlr X has already gained decent popularity among the people who edit product photography. Because of being a convenient software for editing product photos, Pixlr X has become one of the well-established free image editing software.

You can easily correct color, saturation, and get rid of unnecessary objects. The touch-up tool of this software helps you remove unwanted things distracting the focus from the subject of the image. You will find some other niche tools. Such as, fill light, red-eye removal. 

6. PhotoScape X

The promising newcomers in the editing industry sometimes look for some ambitious features that will satisfy them. For those ambitious beginners, PhotoScape brings an ultimate collection of features that will blow your mind. Sometimes it seems impossible to complete the list of features that PhotoScape has. 

Not only for product or e-commerce photo editing but also for general editing tasks this software is one of the most preferable for designers. The experts describe this software as all in one software. 

As a graphic designer whatever tool you ask chances are you will get it in this software. Some of the best features that most people love as listed below. 

  • Filter
  • Frames
  • Brushes
  • Shape crops
  • Smart cut out
  • Color picker
  • Clone stamps


If you are looking for a straightforward photo improvement software then Fotor can be a great option for you. Fotor comes with all kinds of features ranging from basic to the pro level. The software may not be a perfect one for image masking service but ensures you a good quality product photo editing,

The main requirements of product photo editing are color correction, background removal, and enhancement. Well, Fotor brings all of these services to the table. Moreover, you will get different effects, stickers, frames, and text options, etc, that will help your photos to have a better look. 

Another important feature of Fotor is the option for the montage and designing section. From these sections, you can choose from the diversified templates to create something new. 

8. Photos Pos Pro

Are you looking for something that will help you improve your photo editing skill immediately? Then Photos Pos Pro is for you. Specially made for beginners, the software comes up with some ambitious goals in mind. The software has two different interfaces to choose from. 

The tools that Photos Pos Pro offers include layers, masks, actions, RAW, and gradients, etc. You can edit photos in a batch that will save editing time. 

And in the novice section, this software offers automatic edits that can give you good results faster. The users have the liberty to choose from the filters and creative effects available.

9. InPixio

InPixio is another free photo editing software that is dedicated to faster and creative photo editing. You can share those photos online from the software itself. 

The interesting fact about this software is it comes up with programs focused on particular photo editing tools. 

The programs are listed below:  

  • Photo Editor – for fundamental image correction
  • Photo Maximizer – to zoom in and create high-resolution photos
  • Photo Focus – to create clean and clear images
  • Photo Eraser – to remove undesirable objects
  • Photo Cutter – to change or remove the background
  •  Photo Clip – to create photomontages.

All of these efforts are made to give the user an amazing experience while using this software. The software focuses on new users who have little skills in photo editing so that they do not find it difficult to edit product photos. 

Another aim of the software developer is to allow the users to share their edited photos on social media immediately.

10. BeFun

Among the online photo editing tools very few focus on creative enhancement. Because free online tools aim at fulfilling the basic image editing options. However, BeFun is different in this world of cliche. This online tool directly focuses on creativity. 

Basically, the name is BeFunky. The software offers photo editing software that is extremely easy to use. Even an unprofessional user with little experience of using computers or smartphones can edit product photos using this software. 

The interface of this software is uncluttered and user-friendly. Anyone can find the necessary tool from this software to edit. The developer focuses on the best user experience. For this reason, anyone can use BeFunky. 

Final Thoughts

Editing product photos is the biggest demand in the e-commerce sector. Without removing background nowadays it is foolish to upload a product photo on e-commerce sites. To get the best impression you have to edit the product photos. However, editing becomes tough because of the price of professional photo editing software. That is why it becomes important to find some free software that will allow you to edit your product photos without any cost.  

Among the thousands of free software that are available online, I have discussed the 10 best photo editor that will help you edit your product photos. No matter how complex your product photo is, you can easily edit that using the free software I have mentioned above.