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What is image background removal?

Background removal service is a process that is applied to separate the subject of an image and clean the rest area. The process makes an image clean and pretty. Most people use a transparent background or a white background after separating the subject.

Nowadays, 90% of the e-commerce sellers list white background product images in the online marketplace. Because most of the consumers like to see a product on a white background. So, a clean and beautiful image can attract your customers and increase your sales. Also, most eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay recommend uploading product images with a white background.

How do we remove the background of an image?

There are many software or tools that can remove the background of an image. But without a hand-drawn path, it is not possible to remove a background accurately. To remove a background we draw a path around the object by hand with 400% zoom. For furry objects, we apply image masking.

Types of Background Removing Service


When the subject has some basic type of anchor points and there is no difficulty in removing the background, that is easy background removing service. In this case, the shape of the subject is simple round or has no or a little curve. You may find some holes in the subject’s body. The image editor does not have to struggle to remove the background of such an image. To the professional graphic designers, it is just a piece of cake. Shoe, bottle, box, mobile phone, and laptops come under this category.


In the medium background removing category, there come subjects with a little more difficult shape. The body of the subject has more curves which cause more anchor points in the picture. That makes it a little tricky for the image editor to complete the task. Editing a medium category image takes more time and effort from the graphic designers. That’s why they charge more than easy background removing services. In this category, you will see a group of watches, a group of shoes, several boxes, etc. 


Among all the image editing categories, this is the toughest one. Images with extremely complicated curves, lots of anchor points. To ensure a professional image editing, the image editor has to put a lot of effort and time. Advanced background removing needs extremely complex clipping path service. There will be subtle and numerous curves in the picture. Examples are fabrics, fences, gates, trees, etc. 

How much does it cost?

The price of a background removal service is not fixed. It depends on how many edges and holes the object has and how complex they are. It also depends on how complex the masking is if the object is furry. So, the price of a background removal service depends on the complexity of the clipping path and image masking.

Why do you need background removal?

Background removal is very important for all commercial images especially for product images that are promoted or uploaded on any eCommerce marketplace. Most of the consumers like to see a product on a white background. Even, most eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay recommend uploading product images with a white background.

So if you are a seller/retailer of any online marketplace then background removal is strongly recommended for you.

When you should remove the background?

If you use them on any eCommerce platform.

If the background is incompatible with the object.

If the background takes away the focus from the object.

To create a transparent background (png).

If you want to set a new background.

If you want to create a uniform background of catalog images.

We are known as a popular image editing service provider. We have many expert designers. Also, we have a special team for eCommerce images. So, if you are looking for a background removal service, just don’t waste your time, apply for a free trial and check our quality.

Who needs this service?

All kinds of businesses that do business online or have a presence require this service. Companies that have shops on an e-commerce platform can get benefited from image background removal service. E-commerce websites put various conditions on uploading photos on their sites. One of the conditions of uploading product photos on the e-commerce site is to remove-background of the photos. Removing background lets the visitor focus on the subjects. 

Moreover, most people love to see a product photo with a plain background. That’s why the e-commerce industry needs image background removal service more than any other. 

The print media also is a huge client base for this service. Ad agencies cannot do their businesses without this. They have to put the product or product models in the first place. They shoot indoor mostly. So, there are unwanted objects in the background. In that case, they have to remove the background. 

Besides these magazines, graphics companies, photographers, graphics designers need image background removal services.

Why Choose Us?

Because we are professionally trained image editing service providers. We have a specialized group of image designers who focus only on background removing service. That makes us unique in the field of background removal services. Our designers accomplish every subtle task with full dedication. 

We charge less than the average market price. Our pricing method is client-oriented so that we can grab more customers. Providing classy and high-end services is our first priority. We have a big team which completes every order on time. Our Customer service is open 24/7. You can ask anything related to image editing services.

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