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Clipping Path Clipping Path
Clipping Path Clipping Path
Clipping Path Clipping Path
What is Clipping Path?Clipping path service is a line or vector shape which is drawn by hand using photoshop software. It is also known as the cutout image, clipping image, vector path, etc.

Basically, a clipping path is a selection of a certain part which is called the subject of the image. It is a process to cut out the subject of the image from its background. Whatever you want to do remove background, create a shadow, change the color, etc, you have to create a clipping path all around the subject. Our expert designers create clipping paths manually using photoshop pen tool.

What is the benefit of Clipping Path?

Clipping path service is applied for the solid edges of an object to make sure accurate background isolation. When the clipping path is drawn around the subject, a vector path is created and saved in Photoshop. It can be separated with a single mouse click. Most people draw a clipping path to create a white background or a transparent background. Without a manually hand-drawn path, background isolation can not be perfect. None of the other technologies such as magic tools or auto selection can deliver an accurate path like that.

Types of Clipping Path

All clipping person not alike. We have sorted it into some classes based on complexity.


A basic clipping path is the easiest and cheapest clipping path job. When the subject is straight or rectangular or just a circle with no holes, it is called a basic clipping path. For example a letter envelope, a plate, etc.


Medium clipping path little bit complex than a basic clipping path. It causes when the edges of the subject are little complex and the subject has a medium amount of edges. For example a t-shirt, a car, etc.


A complex clipping path is applied when the subject of the image has multiple complex edges and multiple holes, etc. It cost more than a basic or a medium clipping path. For example a bicycle, a jewelry chain, etc.

Multiple Clipping

When your target subject has additional paths within the subject itself then comes the necessity of Multiple Clipping Path. If you need to change the color of a small portion of the product photo then Multiple Clipping Path can be a time-saving formula. Moreover, it can save you from reshooting the products. 

While shooting complicated designed products Multiple Clipping Path will be your savior. It works best where you need small changes or color, a shadow in a particular area of the product photo.

Super complex

Some subjects are so complicated in the look that even Multiple Clipping Path or Complex Clipping Path fail to get a perfect background removal. In that case, you have to apply Super Complex Clipping Path. With this, you can easily handle the complicated designed product photos. Because of being a time-consuming task, Super Complex Clipping Path is slightly costlier than the other type of Clipping Path Services. 

The complex designed furniture, subtly designed jewelry, group photos of pets create the necessity to apply Super Complex Clipping Path.

How to create a clipping path in Photoshop software?

Photoshop CS3, CS6, and higher version have some automatic features such as a magic tool, auto selection, etc that detect the object and create an automatic path around it. But without a manual hand-drawn path, it is not possible to create a perfect selection around the object. To create a path manually, open the CS3/CS6 whatever you like to use. Load the image you would like to edit. Click on the pen tool from the toolbar and start drawing a path around the object that needs to be isolated. After you complete a path around the object, go to the layers and select the path panel then save the path.

Why do you need a clipping path service?

It isn’t possible to remove the background/ separate the subject from an image without a clipping path. Not only background removal but also shadow creation, color correction, manipulation, whatever you do, you will need to create a path first. If you have an image with a perfectly drawn clipping path you can easily separate the subject or make the background white or transparent within a few clicks.

Who Need Clipping Path Services?

From personal needs to business or professional needs, Clipping Path Services serves it all. The professional photographers who have thousands of photos to edit take Clipping Path services. Freelance photographers, freelance image editing companies, magazines of different types are the regular clients of the Clipping Path. 

Moreover, advertising agencies, sign ad-media who works to publish posters, news media, also need Clipping Path while working on their images. And last but not the least, the most important clients of the Clipping Path services are the retailers selling products on e-commerce sites.

When You Need Clipping Path

To isolate an image subject from its background you need to apply Clipping Path. It allows the viewers to focus on the subject more than the surroundings. Here are other reasons when you need to use the Clipping Path tool.

  • To hide the unwanted objects on the background.
  • To select a certain portion of an image.
  • To apply other editing methods like color correction.

Why do you choose Background Remove Image?

Clipping Path is a time-consuming and tiring job. Without having much experience in Photoshop, you cannot get your job done perfectly. The results will not be up to the mark which may affect the overall business. If you are doing e-commerce business then it is more crucial for you to have a delicate Clipping Path on the images of your products. 

So, you cannot deny that you need a professional Clipping Path service. And ABC is in the business for quite a long time. In this period we have built ourself as one of the leading image editing company particularly expert in Clipping Path. Here’s why you choose ABC.

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