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What is image masking?

Image masking is a photo editing technique applied to remove-background of an image that has objects with hair or fur. We usually apply a clipping path to create a selection around the subject of an image. But when the subject has hair or fur, it is not possible to create a path around every hair or fur using the pen tool. We apply image masking to create the selection/path around the object in this situation. For example, when we remove the background of a human image, we create a path around her/his entire body except for hairs. Then we apply image masking on the hair area.

If you want, you may try this yourself using some automatic tools. There are many easy tools you may use such as the eraser tool, magic eraser, etc. But without an image masking, the selection can not be accurate. We provide an excellent image masking service at a very cheap cost. We have a couple of experts who will do the best job for your images.

Types of Image Masking:

Here are some specifications of image masking.

Layer Mask:

Layer masking is a basic level of image masking. It lets you create a selection around a furry object, modify the transparency of layers belonging to it. It is different from the use of a layer transparency slider because a layer mask can modify the transparency of different areas across a single layer selectively.

Clipping Mask:

A group of layers where a layer mask is applied is called a clipping mask. The “bottommost layer”, or the “base layer” defines the visible areas of the entire group. The clipping mask is a powerful technique to control the visibility of a layer in Photoshop software. Clipping masks are more useful than layer masks because a clipping mask uses content and opacity of a layer instead of black and white areas to control the visibility of another layer.

Alpha Channel:

The alpha channel is a color component which controls the degree of opacity of a color. It is a kind of mask. It is used to detect how the pixel’s color is rendered when it is merged with another pixel. Many people call it the “transparency map.”

Importance of Image Masking:

If your image has a furry object with fuzzy edges or lower opacity objects then it is very hard to get an accurate result applying the clipping path. Especially on a huge batch of images, it is a tiresome job. The image masking technique must be applied in this case.

Image masking permits you to separate the product/object and remove any distraction from the frame. It doesn’t matter if you have a single image or a large batch, a professional image masking service can help you to bring the focus on the product which is important for your business.

It is one of the most excellent tools in Photoshop. You can easily remove or hide any unwanted objects, part of objects from any photo. Image masking is one of the non-destructive tools of photoshop. That means it does remove a certain part of an image without harming the other. 

Another crucial benefit of image masking is to hide or show a particular area of an image. If you use a softer brush, you can bring a transition effect on your photos. 

When you need to improve the quality of a specific area of an image you can do it by using photo masking.

Image masking takes the quality of an image to a different level by improving it from many angles. For this reason, the graphics design largely depends on this tool. 

 When to use image masking

If the object of your image has fuzzy edges.

When an image has lower opacity edges.

When not to use image masking

If the object has straight edges and they are sharp, then the clipping path can bring much better results.

Who needs image masking?

Over the years of its developments, photoshop has brought many handy features. Some of those are so popular that every graphic designer, general people, the photographer just cannot do without these features. Image masking is one of those services. 

Photographers have to show a portfolio to get works. They create different backgrounds for a single image so that they can impress their clients. 

On the other hand, e-commerce sites need to remove the background of their product’s pictures. Sometimes, the photos contain unwanted objects in the background. 

The fashion magazines also have to show model photos without or plain backgrounds. 

Apart from professional photographers or graphics designers, the general public can use image masking for their personal images. If anyone wants to remove someone from a group photo they can do it by using image masking.

In short, from photographers to any general person, everyone needs image masking to some extent. 

Why us?

We have an experienced team working on image masking day and night. You can rely on us blindly. Our expert graphics workers are dedicated to their job. They ensure a quick turnaround, perfect image masking, client satisfaction, and multiple revisions. 


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