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What photo manipulation?

Photo manipulation is also known as neck-join, ghost mannequin, etc. Basically photo manipulation is a technique to combine certain images or parts to create a unique image. This technique is a combination of clipping path, image masking, image retouching, and shadow editing service. In one word you have to apply all of the photo editing techniques to create an awesome realistic image from some unreal image parts. This service is very popular with cloth retailers and the advertisement/promotive image creators.

Images that make your products lively is very important to increase your sale. That means you have shot the photo having real people wearing it. Using a mannequin is smarter than a live model. Because a live model can be expensive. So, a mannequin can save your cost. But you can not upload a product image with a mannequin. We offer a professional image manipulation service in this case. We will remove the mannequin from the image, neck-join, and everything needed to make it a real looking product image.

This service is also helpful for advertisement/promotion image creators. Imagine you have a car company and you want to create a banner where your car is running on a very beautiful read, or you want a picture where you are riding a bike at high speed in a desert. You do not need to find such a beautiful road or real desert. Just capture a photo of your car/bike from your house/showroom and send us it. You will be surprised. Nowadays, image manipulation in clothing has become a rule in all the eCommerce websites.

How does the image manipulation works using a mannequin?

To get a great outlook with an invisible mannequin, first, you have to shot an image of a mannequin wearing the cloth. Also, have to shot a picture without the mannequin where the inside label must be visible. Then send them to us. We will remove the mannequin first. Then we will join the neck from another image where the inside label is visible. The dress and frill that are appeared on the ghost mannequin look progressively lively that permits customers to perceive how your item is intended to be worn, in actuality.

Who needs this service?

As you know image manipulation service has many things to do in a single image so this service has huge popularity across the platform. The business houses have to show their services with high-quality infographics. We provide top-notch image manipulation services that will help boost your site. 

For instance, we will eliminate the impurities of the images and make them look better. Image manipulation service has other features that attract the graphics design company. They are one of the biggest customers of this service. 

Another regular client of this service is the e-commerce business owners. E-commerce sites give many conditions for submitting the pictures on the websites. One of the conditions is the image style. Images should have a light size, clear look, the background should be plain. Moreover, the dummies should not be apparent when the clothing photos are shot with dummies or mannequins. 

To remove mannequins from clothing photos we provide ghost mannequin services. The E-commerce industry largely depends on this service. 

Another popular image manipulation service is neck-joint. This service has decreased the need for a model for shooting model photography.

Why choose us for Image manipulation service?

We are running our graphics design business for more than 5 years now. During this period we have satisfied more than one thousand customers. We have been able to earn their trust. 

We focus mainly on quality and never compromise on this. Our team is always ready to take any challenge. Creating extraordinary images takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Our team is extremely passionate about designing images. 

In this market of growing competition, we are providing better quality at a lower rate. We set our price following the lowest pricing policy so that every small business also can afford it. 

We try to be as responsive as possible. We appreciate the suggestions given by our clients. Our customer support team is always ready to accept any advice from the customer’s end. 

Besides providing on-time delivery of projects we offer a bulk discount and unlimited revision policy.

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