baby photography tips

10 Tips for baby photography


Mastering baby photography is really a herculean task. Because you cannot tell babies to stay fixed so that you can take photographs. They will do things as they want. You will not get any cooperation from them. However, you can apply some tricks that will help you take tremendous baby photos. 

As a beginner, these tricks may seem difficult to you, but you can master those if you practice regularly. Apart from photography tips, you can apply some baby photo editing tricks as well. That also helps to improve the overall look of the photos. 

In this article, you will know how you can apply these exceptional tricks to take exceptional baby photos. Without further ado, let’s get down the business.

Dress Them Up

Babies are like blooming flowers. However, they do not become like this without dress. You have to buy fancy dresses for them. If you have enough fancy, colorful dresses for your babies dress them up then allow your photographer to take photos. 

You can buy floral, checks, and fall collections from different brands. Try to select colorful dresses for them. Otherwise, they will look dull in photos. Babies should never look dull. 

Find the Right Angle

Babies continuously move. They do not stop until they sleep. So, it becomes really hard to find the right angle to shoot photos of them. This is one of the basic challenges that we photographers face initially. One thing you have to remember while shooting baby photos, you cannot give up. Stay patient and wait for the right angle. Convince babies with something so that they become busy with that and you get an opportunity to take photos. 

You can go up-close. That angle shows the baby from closer and their movement does not come into the frame. Another way to find a good angle is called a nursed shot. In nursed shots, their movement does not seem disturbing. 

Well, finding the right angle is not everything if you are shooting a newborn baby. Because newborn babies come with a different look. Their redhead, scratches, marks, scars make them different from us. In that case, these photos need photo retouching service especially body retouching after shooting. Do not forget to do that before you deliver them.

Shoot During Happy Time

One of the purposes of shooting baby photos is to take the happy moments of our babies. However, sometimes it becomes tough to shoot when they are happy. You cannot predict when they will smile and mostly you find them giving an indifferent look. 

The daily routine of a baby is simple. Sleeping, eating, pooing, crying is what they do all the time. Nevertheless, you have to find some happy moments in between them. Keep a closer look and wait for the time they play with something and smile at you. 

If this takes too much time, then you can make them smile. The enjoyable part of baby photography is it is not difficult to make them smile. If you smile at them they will smile back. Get ready to shoot at that time. Or if you want to take the baby photo with its mother, then she can make them smile and play with her baby. It will be far better. 

Keep the Camera Close

If you observe a baby you will find a pattern in their behavior. That makes the mother read them easily. As a photographer, you also have to read their behavior. Find that pattern and you can easily what they will do next. So, you have to keep the camera close so that you can capture some funny, cute, disgusting, and worth capturing moments. While doing this, you may capture something unwanted in the frame. Do not delete that photo. You can take a background removal service is the whole background is creating a mess. Using the By clipping path service you can easily resolve the issue.  Or you can resolve it by object removal service if any object is distracting the attention. 

Keep Taking Photos

One of the best techniques for shooting baby photos is to keep taking photos. If you do so, you will definitely find some of the best photos. Yes, that’s true that you will take some of the worst photos as well. But keep those photos if you want to create a funny and enjoyable memory for the future. 

Shoot in Perfect Lighting

Lighting and photography are inseparable from each other. No matter what you are shooting, you have to use the light with care. Be it natural light or artificial light. And when it comes to shooting baby photos, you will see that lighting is playing a drastic role there. Because babies have smooth skin that may reflect the light. Similarly, parents use different types of skincare products, which can also cause light reflection. 

So, be technical while shooting a baby photo in daylight. Lighting can be disturbing for baby eyes as well. So, keep their eyes away from harsh light. Do not shoot in extreme light. One important thing, never flash on the faces of the baby. If you do so, their eyes will be shut. And the photos will not be up to the mark.

Keep Things Colorful

Always remember that babies are just like flowers. They are a special gift from god. So, you have to treat them well while taking photos. To get the best photos of a child there should be a colorful look.

We all know, babies add beauty to the world. So, their photos should be colorful. If you don’t get enough color for them or their dresses you can easily do that by editing. Color correction service will do the job for you. By this, you can change the color of their dress or the surrounding area. 

Try Black & White

You are maybe thinking I have just told you to keep things colorful and now I am telling you to try black and white. Yes, you can take some vintage-looking photos if you go black and white. You can convert some of the pictures to black and white. 

Turning your baby photos into black and white has two benefits. One is that it creates a vintage look. The second and important one is you can deal with grubbiness, scratches, marks, and blotchiness easily. As babies are very soft, it will match the environment and baby with their natural softness. To get the true look of a baby, you should go black and white.

Use Props

In family photos, babies themselves work like props. It’s funny though in lifestyle family photos babies look like props for mothers and fathers. However, when you are shooting baby photos they are the subject. What to use as props for their photos? 

Well, you can use different things as props to improve the look. You will get small umbrellas in the market. Buy a small umbrella and keep beside the baby and see how it improves the look. There are many more baby photography props that you can use. However, keep one thing in mind. The props should be cute and baby-friendly.

Keep the Baby in Comfort

You are a photographer who has come to take baby photos. Never use babies for your benefit. They are soft and very sensitive to anything. So, you should always think about their comfort. When you do not get the pose you want, wait. Never change the position of the baby if they are having fun or feeling comfortable.

Baby’s comfort should be your ultimate priority. I have seen photographers who are taking babies on their lap and lying it on the bed at their own wish. Initially, they get some superb photos. Soon babies start crying and do not cooperate anymore.

Sometimes, they do not want to see the face of the photographers if they mistreat them. Every time they go closer, the babies start crying. That creates a mess. So, keep the babies on ultimate comfort. Within this, you have to manage taking photos. 

Use a Backdrop

To keep the background clean, you can use backdrops. When you are taking photos of the babies who can sit or walk a little, then you should opt for using backdrops behind the subject. A backdrop will not only help the background look good but also helps you control the lighting.

Lighting can reflect badly on the baby’s body. Sometimes, we need to use light in our favor. To do this a backdrop will be handy for you.

Final Idea on Baby Photography

The final and ultimate thing is that you have to practice a lot. Without practice, it is really hard to master baby photography. Keep one thing in mind, you will never get the support you normally get from an adult. Babies will stay as they want. You have to shoot photos according to that their wish. So arrange everything you need according to that. Otherwise, you will mess up for sure. If you have some below the mark photographs, then there is always the assistance of photoshop. You can edit your images to make them look better.