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E-commerce Product Photography Tips For Boosting Sales

Every business house puts product photography with the utmost importance. To them product photography is paramount. You cannot just click photos assuming that you can remove background, enhance the photo anyway. Though you have editing options you have to make sure the product photos are taken up to the mark. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for the image editor to improve it by just using photoshop.

To take product photos that create value improves brand image and generate revenue takes a long time of dedication and practice. Along with that, you have to follow certain rules of product photography. Because product photography is not the same as other genres of photography. 

Well, to make it easy for you to understand the rules, strategies I have written in this article. Here you will get everything you should do to get professional at product photography. 

Use Proper Lighting

You will not find any photography type that is possible without proper lighting. When it comes to product photography, it becomes much more important. Because the sales of the product will depend on this. You cannot take a chance. 

If possible make the best use of natural light. Natural light does not make uneven reflection. When you shoot in a studio, there might be a good set up for taking photos. But when you shoot at home, then try to take photos beside windows. In both cases, if you take something unwanted in the frame to maintain a proper amount of light, you can definitely cut out the irrelevant part. Photoshop pen tool will do that for you.

Use a Tripod

No matter how much experience you have, when you go for a new photoshoot there are chances that your hands will shake a little. On top of that, you cannot keep shooting for a long time flawlessly. In that case, you have to take the assistance of a tripod. 

A tripod small or big will be very handy to keep a camera fixed. Otherwise, when your hands will shake it will create some blurry edges. Product photos should be clean and clear. The viewer should understand how it looks from every angle. So, keeping the camera fixed is the only way to do that. And there is no better way than using a tripod. However, even after taking all the measures if your photos get blurry then you can take product photo retouching services to correct that.

Shoot for the Edit

The pressure of taking good looking product photos is not a silly matter. As the e-commerce sites put pressure on the business owner to upload clean and good looking photos, the pressure finally comes on to the photographers. They remain busy taking outstanding photos. But when you put too much stress on taking a perfect photo that ultimately becomes a mess. So, without taking much pressure just think that you have to do some basic editings like color correction, blemish removal, cropping, resizing. Then your images will be better than the photos taken under pressure.  

Take a Basic Photo Editing Class

You might wonder why I am talking about taking a class on basic photo editing. Let me tell you one thing about photography. Photo editing and photography are sometimes reciprocal skills. If you have photography skills that will help you develop editing skills easily and vice versa. So, you should know a little about basic photo editing so that you can apply this knowledge while taking product photos. For example, knowing color correction service will help you take good photos where there will be a perfect color combination.

As photography is a holistic skill, you should know how to edit pictures as well. Without any hesitation just take a course. That will surely help.

Research Works of Big Brands

On Amazon, you will find many big company products are getting sold. Research how big brands are showing their product photos. Take inspiration from their work. Try to focus on the things they focus on. You will learn a lot about product photography from their projects. 

Look up close to understand how the photos were taken. Take a deeper look at the angles, background, and some other aspects. That will give you a good idea about how the best product photos look.

Use Standard Lenses

In lifestyle photography wide angles lenses are perfect. You must know that wide-angle or the effects lenses create a mess on the edges of the subjects. In product photography, you must show the whole subject in the same light. You cannot finalize a photo with a little blurry edged subject. Your representation of the product should be accurate. To do so, you have to use a standard lens. Otherwise, there will be some issues regarding the accuracy of the product photos. Even after doing high-end photo retouching, you might not be able to improve the photos. So make sure, you are using a standard lens. 

Get to Know the Rule of Thirds

This is called the golden rule of photography. Because using the rule of thirds will allow you to have a perfect composition in any photo. If you don’t know what is the rule of thirds, let me explain it to you. 

It divides the frame into nine equal segments. You can see the lines on most camera screens. You can decide which segments you will place your subjects. 

Use Props

Using props makes the product photos more realistic. For example when your product is a book, then keep a cup of tea as a prop. When you are shooting furniture then keep a flower bouquet on the bedside or on a dining table. Props help your product photos to be more contextual. People can easily understand the use and functions of the products. 

Take Multiple Shots 

You might have noticed that in today’s e-commerce websites, there are multiple pictures of the same products. The pictures are shot from varying angles. To expose all the parts of a product you must do this. 

The purpose of shooting product photos is to show the product as much as possible. To do this perfectly, shooting photos from multiple angles works the best. 

Focus on Product Specification

The visitor might not have enough time to read all the specifications of a product. However, he will look closely at the product photos. A viewer expects a product photo to provide enough information with the picture so that he can buy the product right away. 

The only way to convey a pretty good message about the product features is to shooting photos focusing on the major product specifications. If you shoot from the angles which best show the specific criteria of the product then the buyer will feel easy to make a buying decision. 

Read Blogs from Experts

In recent years, famous photographers have started sharing their experiences, techniques, and ideas of taking the best photos with their fans. If you want to learn how to take the best photos you can go through their blogs.  They give tips to the beginners to take some of the eye-catching photos that will generate sales. 

Besides taking splendid product photos, you can learn more about the struggles that photographers endure. 

Take Photos With Plain Background

For product photography, nothing can beath a white or plain background. It exposes the product in the best possible way. On top of that, e-commerce sites also prefer products with plain backgrounds. If you find no plain background, then you can take the background removal service or change it. 

A plain background is a good idea to show the real color of a photo. It helps the viewer to have a clear idea about the product photos. You can buy white posters to use as a plain background.

Setup and Accessories

To shoot product photos you need a complete setup. For example, you have to set the table, lightbox, and tape to take some good photos.  Get your camera ready. If you are shooting in the daylight, turn off the flashes. Besides that, you have to set the camera as well. Set your camera resolution, aperture, ISO, etc.


Question 1

Why product photography should be done with a white background?

Answer: Because a white background exposes your product’s detail easily. The purpose of product photography is to show a product in the best light. A white background is a perfect solution for this. 

Question 2

What is the context in product photography?

Answer: The context in product photography is the real-life situation and place of the product that makes it easier for the viewer to understand how the product will be used, and what are the functions of the product.

Wrapping It up

Giving thousands of tips and advice will not work until you start practicing. The more you practice taking product photos, the better you get. No matter which product you take photos of, make sure the photos are clear and easy to comprehend. Remember that a captivating product photo can make sure if there will be any sales or not. Best of luck with that. 

Wedding photography guides have to improve skills every day

Wedding photography guides have to improve their skills every day. I hope you are also one of those who want to improve your skills in photography. Today I am here with some wedding photography guides to help you take awesome photography sessions.

Well, wedding photography guides are a little different from other types of photography. When we talk about a wedding day, some common scenes come to our brain. You will not find these things in other types of photography. Such as couples, relatives, first look, etc. However, you have to use your common sense and intelligence to get the best result. Here are some tips you can use.

Work with an Established Photographer

Before handling a full wedding day alone, you have to practice with an already established photographer. By doing this you will have a clear idea about the do’s and don’ts of wedding photo shooting.

A veteran photographer can teach you how to avoid common mistakes. He also can help you with fashion photo edting service. This is super important in the wedding photoshoot. You may think that you can directly go to a wedding. However, there are many issues that will arise when you do the job yourself. Working as an assistant photographer will give you the confidence to work alone. So, do it first.

Check Your Camera & Accessories

Checking all the accessories and other stuff associated with the camera is a crucial matter. Before going to shoot, you should check your gadgets if they are working well or not. Take all the necessary accessories with you. If the wedding program is taking place outdoors, take a tripod. Check properly to make sure everything is functioning. Otherwise, you may have to be embarrassed for having dysfunctional instruments.


Jewelry is one of the most important parts of wedding photography. It helps to make the bride more attractive. Who’s that to create a wedding photography session more professional. But this is the point to pick up. When the photographer completes his photography session some unwanted element shows up on photography. This unwanted element interrupts to show the real view of the image. For this season, jewelry photo retouching service is the best choice to remove this unwanted element and help to show the real view of the image.

Take Enough Accessories

In professional photography, you cannot make any excuses for your failures. If you do so, it will be a bad practice. To click the best photos, you have to take all the necessary accessories with you. Take some extra batteries. If you can afford, take a laptop to use it as a back up for your photos. In short, be prepared for every situation and keep back up for every potential issue.

Make a Pre-Plan

Some new photographers do not give this matter enough significance. However, this can make your wedding photography achieve a whole new level. Because making a plan for photography is equally important as shooting photos. You should not ignore that. Visit the place beforehand and make a plan where and how you will shoot. Keep this task as a part of your job. Talk to the couple before the wedding day. Discuss with them how they want you to take photos. Some couples completely depend on the photographer about the whole photography session. In that case, you can show them some demonstration of poses.

Take Firsts

Perhaps this is the most emotional part of wedding photography. Because when the couple sees each other for the first time during the marriage day it gives a different touch to the whole program. Moreover, the firsts include the first kiss and first dance as well. As this is a special moment ask them if they have their own plan. If they have done according to that. Otherwise, make your separate plan for firsts. Try to create unique angles for this special moment.

Look for the Smiles and Reactions

A wedding day is not only special for the couples but also for the guests around. They also can produce some of the best photos of the day. So, look for the smiles and reactions of the guests of the grand day. You will find many funny, absurd, weird, serious, or emotional reactions from the guests. If you show these pictures to the couple, they will be very happy.

Capture Group Photo

Shooting a group photo at a wedding ceremony is a necessary thing. Because everyone wants to have a cute photo with the couple. Instruct all the guests about posing and how to look good in front of the camera. Make them easy and take photos in the group.

Wedding Photography Guides for Final Task

Well, photography is an artistic expression. No tip can make you perfect. Ultimately you have the authority to show your talent and skills. Besides photo shooting, learn color correction service as well. This will add value to your career. However, all the tips can go in vain if something unwanted happens during the day of the shoot. So, prepare yourself for every possible thing. I hope you can have a good wedding photography guides this session.