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Couple Photography Tips for Beginners


Couple photography sharing on social media is no more a taboo. People love to share their photos with their loved ones on social media. Not only for social media but also for many other reasons the popularity of capturing a couple’s photos has increased. To follow the trend, couples of different kinds take photos of their private time. They aren’t even shy to expose themselves to the public. Disregarding gender or the type of relationship, couples are coming forward to sharing their lives on different platforms.

So, photographers are also taking this as an opportunity to grab. Similarly, it’s an opportunity for the image editing companies as well who work with background removal services. However, taking a couple photography becomes tricky at times if you do not follow the basics. My today’s article is built on the tips that you might need to execute a couple of photographs properly. Stick to the end to get some amazing tips.

Build Relationship with Clients

Couple photography is all about the relationship between the couple you are capturing photos of. However, the result depends on the kind of relationship you are having with them as well. You may ask why? Well, it’s because you are taking photos of two people whom you don’t know well. But you will take some intimate photos of their personal life. Will it be possible to shoot properly if you are not having a close relationship with them? If you are being formal and acting as a teacher, they will feel shy in front of you to open up. So, at first build a good and casual relationship with them. Talk to them about their relationship. Know how they met when they fall in love with each other, etc.

Have at least two conversations to make things clear and get to know them. One keeping both of them in front of you and another should be one to one. That will give you more information about their relationship. You can know who loves more and what the real condition of their relationship is. As a result, your photos will be up to the mark. You will probably not need to take an image editing service.


This one is the most important thing in a couple’s photography. You have to keep an eye on every single moment. Because you cannot predict when there will be the best time to take a shot. So focus on the things you should. Here I am giving a list where you should keep your eyes on. Here you go.


Well, no one can deny how important it is in a relationship. However, this does not happen randomly. Kissing is a crucial phenomenon in a romantic relationship. You have to take some photos even before it starts. Stay alert about when it happens. Focus on the blushing of the couple, the movement they make, and so on. If kissing takes place where other things are not right, do not hesitate. Just keep shooting. This can happen while shooting outdoors. The lighting or background may not be right at that moment. Keep that part to the post-production. They will make a color correction or remove background if needed. But you cannot miss a single kissing scene.


Another important aspect of the people in love is hugs. Couples show love for each other by hugging. Moreover, a hug means shelter, care, security, last but not least, love. You have to take some pictures when the man is taking his partner to his chest. Girls find heavenly peace in this place. It reflects on their face as well. As a result, your photos will look more professional.  


Some couples feel shy getting intimate in public whereas some others don’t. If you are dealing with a couple for photography who are shy, you have something to do. Advise them how they should behave in couple photography. Tell them to get intimate if they feel like it. There is nothing to be shy about when you have decided to take a couple’s photos. Convince them to take intimate photos.


Eyes tell a whole story. You can have a clear idea about how your client’s relationship is just by looking at the eyes. If they are happy together that will reflect in their eyes. So, focus on the eyes so that you can capture some pictures of the glittering eyes. That will make the photos look more realistic.


Well, it happens often in public. Couples unknowingly cuddle each other. Why not in front of the camera? You don’t need to ask them. Just allow them to feel the ultimate freedom so that they can behave normally as they behave together. Eventually, they will hug, kiss, cuddle each other. Take some photos of that period.


You might think that this is not model photography. So, why should I focus on the look? Let me tell you one thing. Whatever type of photography you are involved in, be it wedding photography, landscape photography, lifestyle photography, or anything else. You cannot compromise on this one thing. That is look. The result of your all efforts will go in vain if your subject does not look good. Keep that in mind.


When any one of a partner whispers to another’s ear they cannot but be authentic. By authentic I mean, they tell the truth. Mostly they acknowledge the love they are getting from the partner or they confess their love to the other. When they do it, it creates an immediate reaction on the face of the partner. That reaction is invaluable. Capture that moment in the frame and see how delighted your client becomes.


There is a funny thing about the conversation of couples. Whenever they talk, mostly they talk about their relationship and how much they love each other. They almost all the time live in a heavenly mindset. That is precious. You have to keep your focus on the talk between the lovers. The talk may be some informal and casual talk. However, that will make the photos look natural which you are looking for.

Sitting together

You can produce some of the best shots when the couple sits together. It can be just sitting side by side or sitting on the lap. Both are romantic if they spend a good time together. Sitting on the lap of the man is more romantic obviously. Take some pictures while they are sitting together. Make sure they don’t behave stiffly. Tell them to be easy-going so that the photos look amazing.


What can be more romantic than walking around with your partner holding each other’s hand! Yes, there is nothing more touchy than this. So, what is the best way to take photos during their walk? Tell them to take a walk holding the hands and come toward the camera. On the other hand, they can go away from the camera. That also creates a good mode.

Shoot the Detail

Small details can make a big impact. Intertwined hands, adding closeups, zooming in will make the pictures more realistic and cozy. Take some close shots of eyes and facial expressions. If you need the clipping path service to remove other things from the photo to show the main subject up close, you can rely on Background Remove Image. 


You must have seen couples showering water in the garden, watching movies together, playing video games, cards, and doing so many things together. These are hobbies people follow in their regular life. These make a good source for shooting a couple of photography. You can ask them to do what they love to do in their real life and you keep doing what you are supposed to do. 

Poses you should let them do

As a photographer, it is a part of your duty to make your client easy about posing in front of the camera. Tell them how they should stand, how should they smile, look, and behave. Here I am sharing some poses that you can share with them to take some amazing photos. Follow the steps to get the best result.

  • Lying on the field: One of the most romantic poses is lying on the field. If you are shooting outdoors, it is easy for you to take couple of photography while the couple is lying on the field.
  • Standing face to face.
  • Take photos while eating.
  • Let the couple laugh their heart out while taking photos. 
  • Ask them to dance a little. 
  • Holding from behind.
  • Hugging from behind.
  • Lying on the bed
  • Relaxing on the couch
  • Maternity pose

 Final Thoughts on Couple Photography Tips for Beginners

You cannot forget that you are shooting two of the jolliest persons in your frame. If they were not happy together they would not call you to capture their memories. So, you have to let them have fun so that your photos look lively and full of a euphoric vibe. Apply all your experience and expertise to make the best out of it. With all the suggestions I have given, I am wishing you a happy couple photography session. 

10 Tips for baby photography


Mastering baby photography is really a herculean task. Because you cannot tell babies to stay fixed so that you can take photographs. They will do things as they want. You will not get any cooperation from them. However, you can apply some tricks that will help you take tremendous baby photos. 

As a beginner, these tricks may seem difficult to you, but you can master those if you practice regularly. Apart from photography tips, you can apply some baby photo editing tricks as well. That also helps to improve the overall look of the photos. 

In this article, you will know how you can apply these exceptional tricks to take exceptional baby photos. Without further ado, let’s get down the business.

Dress Them Up

Babies are like blooming flowers. However, they do not become like this without dress. You have to buy fancy dresses for them. If you have enough fancy, colorful dresses for your babies dress them up then allow your photographer to take photos. 

You can buy floral, checks, and fall collections from different brands. Try to select colorful dresses for them. Otherwise, they will look dull in photos. Babies should never look dull. 

Find the Right Angle

Babies continuously move. They do not stop until they sleep. So, it becomes really hard to find the right angle to shoot photos of them. This is one of the basic challenges that we photographers face initially. One thing you have to remember while shooting baby photos, you cannot give up. Stay patient and wait for the right angle. Convince babies with something so that they become busy with that and you get an opportunity to take photos. 

You can go up-close. That angle shows the baby from closer and their movement does not come into the frame. Another way to find a good angle is called a nursed shot. In nursed shots, their movement does not seem disturbing. 

Well, finding the right angle is not everything if you are shooting a newborn baby. Because newborn babies come with a different look. Their redhead, scratches, marks, scars make them different from us. In that case, these photos need photo retouching service especially body retouching after shooting. Do not forget to do that before you deliver them.

Shoot During Happy Time

One of the purposes of shooting baby photos is to take the happy moments of our babies. However, sometimes it becomes tough to shoot when they are happy. You cannot predict when they will smile and mostly you find them giving an indifferent look. 

The daily routine of a baby is simple. Sleeping, eating, pooing, crying is what they do all the time. Nevertheless, you have to find some happy moments in between them. Keep a closer look and wait for the time they play with something and smile at you. 

If this takes too much time, then you can make them smile. The enjoyable part of baby photography is it is not difficult to make them smile. If you smile at them they will smile back. Get ready to shoot at that time. Or if you want to take the baby photo with its mother, then she can make them smile and play with her baby. It will be far better. 

Keep the Camera Close

If you observe a baby you will find a pattern in their behavior. That makes the mother read them easily. As a photographer, you also have to read their behavior. Find that pattern and you can easily what they will do next. So, you have to keep the camera close so that you can capture some funny, cute, disgusting, and worth capturing moments. While doing this, you may capture something unwanted in the frame. Do not delete that photo. You can take a background removal service is the whole background is creating a mess. Using the By clipping path service you can easily resolve the issue.  Or you can resolve it by object removal service if any object is distracting the attention. 

Keep Taking Photos

One of the best techniques for shooting baby photos is to keep taking photos. If you do so, you will definitely find some of the best photos. Yes, that’s true that you will take some of the worst photos as well. But keep those photos if you want to create a funny and enjoyable memory for the future. 

Shoot in Perfect Lighting

Lighting and photography are inseparable from each other. No matter what you are shooting, you have to use the light with care. Be it natural light or artificial light. And when it comes to shooting baby photos, you will see that lighting is playing a drastic role there. Because babies have smooth skin that may reflect the light. Similarly, parents use different types of skincare products, which can also cause light reflection. 

So, be technical while shooting a baby photo in daylight. Lighting can be disturbing for baby eyes as well. So, keep their eyes away from harsh light. Do not shoot in extreme light. One important thing, never flash on the faces of the baby. If you do so, their eyes will be shut. And the photos will not be up to the mark.

Keep Things Colorful

Always remember that babies are just like flowers. They are a special gift from god. So, you have to treat them well while taking photos. To get the best photos of a child there should be a colorful look.

We all know, babies add beauty to the world. So, their photos should be colorful. If you don’t get enough color for them or their dresses you can easily do that by editing. Color correction service will do the job for you. By this, you can change the color of their dress or the surrounding area. 

Try Black & White

You are maybe thinking I have just told you to keep things colorful and now I am telling you to try black and white. Yes, you can take some vintage-looking photos if you go black and white. You can convert some of the pictures to black and white. 

Turning your baby photos into black and white has two benefits. One is that it creates a vintage look. The second and important one is you can deal with grubbiness, scratches, marks, and blotchiness easily. As babies are very soft, it will match the environment and baby with their natural softness. To get the true look of a baby, you should go black and white.

Use Props

In family photos, babies themselves work like props. It’s funny though in lifestyle family photos babies look like props for mothers and fathers. However, when you are shooting baby photos they are the subject. What to use as props for their photos? 

Well, you can use different things as props to improve the look. You will get small umbrellas in the market. Buy a small umbrella and keep beside the baby and see how it improves the look. There are many more baby photography props that you can use. However, keep one thing in mind. The props should be cute and baby-friendly.

Keep the Baby in Comfort

You are a photographer who has come to take baby photos. Never use babies for your benefit. They are soft and very sensitive to anything. So, you should always think about their comfort. When you do not get the pose you want, wait. Never change the position of the baby if they are having fun or feeling comfortable.

Baby’s comfort should be your ultimate priority. I have seen photographers who are taking babies on their lap and lying it on the bed at their own wish. Initially, they get some superb photos. Soon babies start crying and do not cooperate anymore.

Sometimes, they do not want to see the face of the photographers if they mistreat them. Every time they go closer, the babies start crying. That creates a mess. So, keep the babies on ultimate comfort. Within this, you have to manage taking photos. 

Use a Backdrop

To keep the background clean, you can use backdrops. When you are taking photos of the babies who can sit or walk a little, then you should opt for using backdrops behind the subject. A backdrop will not only help the background look good but also helps you control the lighting.

Lighting can reflect badly on the baby’s body. Sometimes, we need to use light in our favor. To do this a backdrop will be handy for you.

Final Idea on Baby Photography

The final and ultimate thing is that you have to practice a lot. Without practice, it is really hard to master baby photography. Keep one thing in mind, you will never get the support you normally get from an adult. Babies will stay as they want. You have to shoot photos according to that their wish. So arrange everything you need according to that. Otherwise, you will mess up for sure. If you have some below the mark photographs, then there is always the assistance of photoshop. You can edit your images to make them look better. 

Why Outsourcing Image Editing Is the Best Option for Photographers

The workload of every business house is increasing day by day. Handling multiple tasks by one single hand is a myth now. You might be able to handle multiple works alone but it will affect your overall productivity, efficiency, and business growth. 

For this reason, most companies, busy photographers, organizations get some of their works done by others. Getting an image editing job done by others is one of those. One of the most common image editing is the background removal service. Besides this, there are many other image editings that you should outsource to the experts in this field. 

It is highly recommended for Photographers, Travel vloggers, photography bloggers to opt for outsourcing image editing. Getting your image edited by an expert can give you many benefits. In this article, I will discuss why you should outsource your image editing services. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Reasons Why You Should Outsource Image Editing Tasks

Peter Drucker rightly said, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” I would suggest you ponder upon this quote. When you outsource image editing, if you are a photographer, you can focus on your photography. Or if you are a business person, then you can do other important stuff. Here are some reasons why you should outsource your image editing tasks to the experts. 

You Can Never Do Everything

No matter what business you are in, you can never perform every task by yourself. On top of that, photo editing is one of the most time-killing works. If you start working on this, you might get things done, but it will hamper your business. 

As a photographer, you will get less time to spend on developing your photography skill if you start editing your pictures on photoshop. You had better work on developing your photography skills. Learn more about how to shoot a near-perfect photo. 

If you distribute your tasks, then you can do your own job easily. Steve Jobs once said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” He means that you alone can never perform every task. 

You can use your spare time reading photography blogs from the experts. That will help you get better at photography in the end. 

Specialists Are Experts

You know how hard it is to become an expert in a field. After the hard work and dedication of years, one becomes a specialist at his job. You are a photographer. Just think about how much time you have spent developing the skills. Just like you, people who are in the editing business have become specialists in image editing. Services like the Clipping Path is just a piece of cake for them. Whereas you might waste hours on those work if you do. 

Because of having years of experience, they are specialists in using editing tools. They even find editing like photo manipulation service easy. Because they do it regularly. Their works are perfect and have premium quality. So, you should either hire an image editor or outsource your image editing tasks from others.

You Have Other Things to Do

In a photography event, you cannot always predict what’s coming next. You have to be prepared for any situation. That is why a photographer has to give time to getting ready with all the accessories, lightings, camera gears, etc. Besides that, you have to talk to your clients. Make them understand how to be easy in front of the camera, and so on. 

However, photo editing is a post-production job that you have to do to deliver your clients with unforgettable pictures. But during the photoshoot, you have some image editing part that you have to perform. So, if you take the post-production part on your shoulder it will be overwhelming for you to handle.

Faster Turnaround Time

If you outsource your image editing, you will surely get those back on time. They have to survive the competition. So, they try to deliver your project on time. Moreover, Your clients will become delighted if you return their final photos within a short time. This will as a result improve your reputation in the market. You will get more projects. Saving time for your clients and you are what your clients see easily. 

Quality Service

Outsourcing image editing will help you provide quality service to your customers. Getting your editing done by experts will improve image editing quality. On the other hand, you also can improve your photography.

Negative Sides of Editing Yourself

If you are doing your editing job by yourself, you will have less time to focus on your business. Besides this, you will have many other bad effects on you and your businesses. Here are some negative sides to doing your image retouching service by yourself. 

No Vacations

It is highly important to spend some time only for yourself. What I mean is, you need vacations. As a photographer, it is really hard for you to find spare time to spend on your own refreshment. In this situation, you should not take the burden of image editing. You are already busy with photographic perfection. So, you cannot keep thinking about image masking service, or Clipping path service. For this reason, I think it is better to outsource your image editing. 

Brand Creating

When your business will grow you have to work on creating branding for your business. Otherwise, it will remain as it is. Brand creating takes a huge time. You have to provide optimum service to the clients. When the number of your clients will exceed, then your business will get a buzzword on image editing. Your business name will be known for being a specialist in a specific genre of photography. Be it wedding photography, lifestyle photography, or any other types of photography. Till then let the experts of Clipping Path Service do the job for you.

Spending Quality Time with Family

One of the crises of this modern era is people do not spend enough time with family. As we are getting busy, we are getting less time to spend with our family. It is a harsh reality for photographers as well. Sometimes, they have to work overnight. They have to go outside the city for projects. They do not spend enough time with their family. As a result, it affects the relationship which in turn affects the performance. Having a good relationship with the family will give you mental peace. You can grow your business with a relaxed mind. If you give time on editing, how can you get time to spend with your family after doing photography and editing? 


Without proper networking, no one cannot grow your business. You need to build and broaden your network day by day. To spread your network you have to connect with thousands of people. Only after that, your network will start growing. If you continue doing your post-production works by yourself, you will not be able to build a strong network. So instead of thinking about color correction service tries to create a correct network that works for you.

Below the Mark Service

Doing your editing part by yourself may give you satisfaction. However, the thing which you need most will not be met. As you are doing photography in the first place, this will affect both of your works. The editing tasks will be below the mark. If your post-production work is not professional you will gradually lose customers. Editing images is not a piece of cake. Editing like vector restoration service needs experience and extreme skill to get a good result. An amateur editor like you will mess it up.  

As you have known what negative effects you might face from editing images by yourself, now let’s have a glimpse on the other side. I have already talked about the benefits of outsourcing image editing. Now let’s see what you can do with the spare time you will get if you outsource image editing. 


If you have a passion for writing you can start writing about photography. Use your writing skills to describe photography from different contexts. You can talk about photography in general. Or you can provide tips for newcomer photographers. It will be a great help for them and you also can have some potential clients. 

Flourish Your Hobbies

Outsourcing image editing will allow you to flourish your other hobbies. Maybe your hobbies are watching movies, gardening, traveling, writing, etc. In that case, you can now follow your hobbies. 

Improving Client Communication

As you have some spare time, you can invest that in improving client communication. You can ask for their feedback, ask for suggestions about where you can improve, etc. If you do so, your clients will feel important. They will be more loyal to you. 

Earning More

Besides photography, you can do some other stuff as well to increase your earnings. The spare time you have can be used for different purposes. You can start coaching the new passionate photo lovers to become professional photographers. 

FAQs on Why You Should Outsource Your Photos

Question 1: What are the benefits of editing photos by outsourcing?

Answer: You can have multiple benefits out of it. 

  • Quality service
  • On-time delivery
  • Professional work
  • More clients
  • Brand image

Question 2: Why I should not edit images?

Answer: The reasons why you should not edit your images are:

  • Bad service.
  • No time for yourself
  • Affects photography
  • Time-consuming task

Final Thoughts on Outsourcing Image Editing

A professional photographer’s main focus should always be his photography. He should keep trying to develop his photography skills as much as he can. To do this properly he should stay away from editing images. Because it will as a result have a bad effect on photography skills, business growth, client communication. So, instead of thinking of editing your images, you should get them edited by the experts by outsourcing them. Hope you got my point.